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    About Unsubscribes

    If you are examining your campaign statistics and notice a high unsubscribe rate, something is definitely amiss with your email strategy. Here are a few reasons why people might be leaving: Avoid excessive promotional emails; balance them with content: Don't overuse sales-oriented emails; mix...
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    Click-through Rate

    This metric shows us how many readers took a specific action: opened the email, clicked on links within it, and navigated to the website. It represents the percentage of clicks relative to the number of delivered emails. This is an indicator of reader engagement and their willingness to interact...
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    Mail Bounces

    This metric is directly related to delivery. Bounces are undelivered emails, and the error rate reflects their quantity out of all the emails sent. The more emails that fail to reach their recipients, the worse it is for the reputation of the campaign and statistics. Reasons for bounces can be...
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    Open Rate

    One of the most crucial metrics, the Open Rate tells you how many subscribers have opened your emails. After all, if an email sits in the inbox, it doesn't guarantee that it will be read. There are several ways to improve the open rate: Craft a subject line that entices clicks. A compelling...
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    Delivery rate

    Delivery Rate is the percentage of emails that have reached the recipients' mailboxes out of the total number sent, whether they end up in the inbox or spam folder. The delivery rate largely depends on the email service provider you use. These services monitor the reputation of their servers...
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    Email marketing Mail server on CentOS in 5 minutes

    Configure a mail server via bash script From this manual you will learn how to configure Postfix-based mail server using a bash script. The script will configure and install Roundcube Webmail, Postfix and Dovecot automatically, also it create mailboxes based on your domain(s). The cheapest VPS...
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    Email marketing Email Headers

    How to read Email Headers Received: by 2002:a17:906:742:b0:958:803f:dba7 with SMTP id z2csp1282371ejb; Sun, 7 May 2023 03:23:01 -0700 (PDT) X-Received: by 2002:a17:907:3ea8:b0:953:37d9:282f with SMTP id hs40-20020a1709073ea800b0095337d9282fmr6314816ejc.38.1683454980797; Sun, 07...
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    Email marketing Mail bounces

    Common mail bounces and their description Hard bounce The response from the remote server was: 550 5.7.1 No such user! 1683454980-0NPfrE8P9Cg0-eRlBSO3h Hard Bounce - Indicates a permanent reason why the email could not be delivered. Causes for a hard bounce: The recipient's email address does...
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    Email marketing Spam traps

    What is a spam trap? Spam Traps are a fairly effective way to detect spammers and are currently used by most email providers. If you ignore spam traps, they can negatively affect your domain's reputation and cause blocking. The main types of traps Parked Traps. These are email addresses...
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    Email marketing Configure DNS for mail server

    Basic dns settings for mail server Name Type Value Additional A (internet address v4) A (internet address v4) A (internet address v4) A (internet address v4)
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    Email marketing How to setup a DKIM signature

    What is a DKIM signature? The DKIM signature is used to authenticate the sender's email address. DKIM key generation First of all, you need to generate a pair of DKIM keys, public and private. Public key example: -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----...
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    Email marketing How to setup a DMARC signature

    What is a DMARC signature? The DMARC record is designed to protect your domain from phishing and improve the deliverability of your emails. DMARC determines which rules will be applied to your outgoing emails that are not authenticated. Setting up a DMARC signature In the DNS settings of the...
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    Email marketing How to setup an SPF signature

    What is SPF signature? SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a TXT record with ip addresses which allow to send emails from your domain. This technology is designed to protect your domain from spam and improve email deliverability. Set up an SPF record signature In the DNS domain settings, create a...