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What is SPF signature?​

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a TXT record with ip addresses which allow to send emails from your domain. This technology is designed to protect your domain from spam and improve email deliverability.

Set up an SPF record signature​

In the DNS domain settings, create a new TXT record with the following parameters:
NameTypeValue (text record)v=spf1 ip4:[IP Address] a mx ~all

SPF signature syntax​

v=spf1 - indicates version, by default is always spf1


"a" - indicates the domain name of the server
"mx" - points to all mx domain records
"ip" - specifies a specific ip address
"include" - indicates hosts that are allowed by the SPF record
"all" - rule for all other servers that are not specified in the SPF record


"+"- accept all letters
"-" - reject all emails
"~" - accept all messages but mark them as spam
"?" - keep neutral (default)
"redirect" - indicates that another domain settings should be used