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This metric is directly related to delivery. Bounces are undelivered emails, and the error rate reflects their quantity out of all the emails sent. The more emails that fail to reach their recipients, the worse it is for the reputation of the campaign and statistics.
Reasons for bounces can be divided into two types:
  1. Soft bounces: In this case, emails may not reach the recipient due to a full mailbox, technical glitches on the recipient's mail server, or a large email volume. Delivery may also be rejected by the mail server's spam filters if the content resembles spam.
  2. Hard bounces: Hard bounces occur due to non-existent addresses or domains where subscribers' email addresses are hosted.
How to reduce the number of bounces:
  • Check the email for spam words.
  • Ensure that the unsubscribe button is functional.
  • Monitor the presence of your IP address in blacklists.
  • Check the subscription form. Users may not see the value in providing a real address. Set up double-opt-in and specify that a confirmation email will be sent after subscribing.
  • Ensure that email authentication (DKIM and SPF) is configured correctly.
  • Connect a postmaster to identify the reasons for errors.


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That is exactly why you have to have bounce killers such as blackhole in your software when you're sending emails, so you don't have such problems for ever
Or as the option you can just use email-verifiers so you would never see such thing as bounce in your life