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What is a spam trap?​


Spam Traps are a fairly effective way to detect spammers and are currently used by most email providers.
If you ignore spam traps, they can negatively affect your domain's reputation and cause blocking.

The main types of traps​

Parked Traps.
These are email addresses hosted by a parked domain provider. These addresses may indicate problems with the quality of your base, although they will not affect your reputation.

Typo Traps.
They looks like a real mailbox from a mail service provider, but contain typos like:,, etc. You will get this traps when a real person tries to sign up but instead accidentally makes a mistake. Sometimes users misspelled their addresses on purpose to protect themselves from spam bots.

Pristine Trap.
Email addresses that have been created and published by email services on public websites. These traps are created for the sole purpose of catching the spammer by the hand. They are considered the most serious because they are clear evidence that the sender simply collected these addresses from open sources.

Recycled Traps.
Email addresses that belonged to real users but were subsequently abandoned by them. Email providers use them to discover senders who send emails to uninterested users.


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(y) great info to avoid traps.