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Configure a mail server via bash script​

From this manual you will learn how to configure Postfix-based mail server using a bash script. The script will configure and install Roundcube Webmail, Postfix and Dovecot automatically, also it create mailboxes based on your domain(s).
The cheapest VPS running CentOS 7 is ok.

You will need to manually do all DNS settings for your domain on the side of the domain registrar.

Server's requirements:
OS: CentOS 7, CPU: 1 core, RAM: 1GB, Disk: 5GB SSD

The installation​

Download the script first:​

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Extract the contents of the archive to the root folder of your server.
  • Specify all your domains and ip addresses in the domains.txt file, leave an empty line below.
  • Enter the password for your mailboxes in mailpass.txt.
  • Specify your private DKIM key in privat-dkim.txt, use key selector - dkim10
  • In mailbox.txt, a list of mailboxes to be created.

Open a terminal and run the commands:
chmod 777

Mailserver on centos

Once install finished, the Roundcube will be available at:


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thanks it working