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Delivery Rate is the percentage of emails that have reached the recipients' mailboxes out of the total number sent, whether they end up in the inbox or spam folder.
The delivery rate largely depends on the email service provider you use. These services monitor the reputation of their servers, clean customer databases of non-existent addresses, assist honest companies in conducting quality email campaigns, and ban spammers. As a result, a good service ensures a delivery rate of over 99%. Therefore, it's important to ensure that this metric does not drop below 90%. However, it's also crucial to understand that emails won't reach subscribers if the address is incorrect, the domain no longer exists, or your IP is blacklisted.
The quality of the email list and campaigns also influences delivery rates. Here are a few tips to maintain a high delivery rate:
  • Use double opt-in to reduce the number of non-existent addresses in your database.
  • Send out regular email campaigns.
  • Provide valuable content that aligns with the interests of your audience.
By following these tips, you should not encounter significant issues with your delivery rate.
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There are some email-verifiers software, also there is such thing as "from little to big" when you start with 100 a day and then go more and more, if you will start with a lot it possible to end in some blacklists of spam-checkers