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One of the most crucial metrics, the Open Rate tells you how many subscribers have opened your emails. After all, if an email sits in the inbox, it doesn't guarantee that it will be read.
There are several ways to improve the open rate:
  1. Craft a subject line that entices clicks. A compelling headline always sparks curiosity and makes recipients want to see what's inside the email.
  2. Consider the content of your email. If a person has received two uninteresting and unhelpful emails from you, it's unlikely they will open a third one.
  3. Ensure that all emails land in the "Inbox" folder.
  4. Regularly remove inactive subscribers from your list. Move subscribers who haven't opened your emails for several months to another list to conduct reactivation campaigns.
  5. Segment your email list. The more personalized your content, the more opens you'll likely receive.
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