PMTA How to create a new SMTP user in virtualhost.txt

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Adding new SMTP user​

After installing PowerMTA manually, you will need to create a new SMTP user and virtual-mta. To create an user, edit the virtualhost.txt file:

# Adding new VMTA-user

<smtp-user user1>                  # user's name
        password password XXXXX    # user's password
        source {pmta-auth}
<source {pmta-auth}>
        smtp-service yes
        always-allow-relaying yes
        require-auth true
        process-x-virtual-mta yes
        default-virtual-mta pmta-pool
        remove-received-headers true
        add-received-header false  # remove "received" header
        hide-message-source false
        #pattern-list pmta-pattern
        #remove-header X-Mw-Mailer  # remove X-Mw-Mailer
process-x-job false
# create VMTA

<virtual-mta DOMAIN.COM-vmta>
auto-cold-virtual-mta DOMAIN.COM
domain-key key1,DOMAIN.COM,/etc/pmta/key1.DOMAIN.COM.pem
max-smtp-out 850
    <domain *>
smtp-source-host DOMAIN.COM