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    PMTA Dual DKIM

    Configuring dual DKIM in PowerMTA By default, PowerMTA supports the ability to add a second DKIM-Signature header. To configure double DKIM, open virtualhost.txt <virtual-mta TEST-vmta> domain-key dkim1,,/etc/pmta/ # First key, dkim1 - key selector...
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    PMTA PowerMTA 4.5r1/5.0b1: manual install on CentOS7

    RPM package install A clean install for those who don't want to install extra packages. A server running CentOS 7 is suitable. Download the RPM package PMTA 4.5r1: PMTA 5.0b1: *** Hidden text: You do not...
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    PMTA How to create a new SMTP user in virtualhost.txt

    Adding new SMTP user After installing PowerMTA manually, you will need to create a new SMTP user and virtual-mta. To create an user, edit the virtualhost.txt file: # Adding new VMTA-user <smtp-user user1> # user's name password password XXXXX # user's password...
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    PMTA How to change SMTP port in PowerMTA

    SMTP port in pmta config To change the SMTP port in PMTA, find and edit the config file at /etc/pmta/config Find the line that starts with smtp-listener This line specifies the port used by the PMTA server. If you need to use several ports, duplicate the line. smtp-listener 0/0:2424...
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    PMTA PMTA console commands

    CLI commands for PMTA server System PowerMTA reboot service pmta restart Reloading the pmta config pmta reload Reload pmtahttp pmtahttp restart Launching PowerMTA service pmta start Search for possible errors pmtad --debug Reset statistics pmta reset counters Checking the status of PMTA...
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    PMTA PMTA configuration

    What is the main configuration file of PMTA This is a file which is located in the etc/pmta/ directory of your server and responsible for the rules of sending mail from a particular domain/ip address. Two files are responsible for the configuration of your mail server, config and...