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If you are examining your campaign statistics and notice a high unsubscribe rate, something is definitely amiss with your email strategy. Here are a few reasons why people might be leaving:
  1. Avoid excessive promotional emails; balance them with content: Don't overuse sales-oriented emails; mix in content-rich messages. Add more useful and genuinely interesting content.
  2. Failure to segment your audience: Sending emails to everyone indiscriminately is a poor strategy. Break down your audience into groups and create emails that are interesting to each category.
  3. Incorrectly calculated optimal email frequency: If you inundate subscribers with emails, they are likely to be put off. If you send emails too infrequently, people may forget about you and unsubscribe. Allow people to choose their preferred email frequency (you can add this option to the subscription form).
To understand why people are leaving, ask for feedback. Include a survey in your email to find out the reasons they no longer wish to receive emails from you.


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Unsubscribes occur when recipients choose to stop receiving communication from a specific sender, often seen in email marketing campaigns. It's a regulatory requirement to honor unsubscribe requests promptly to maintain compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR. Unsubscribes provide recipients with control over their inbox and help maintain sender reputation by reducing the likelihood of spam complaints.


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you can actually just fake your unsubscribe function in email, like for people it will look like they are now free from your emails but in reality they will anyway get it, also there is some weird stats about people who never mark any emails as spam and also weird info about gmail never marks some emails as spam because they previously got good reputation


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It's always about reputation of sender like its 90% of your success in delivering and going to inbox, even some spam shit from trusted address will be inboxed


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