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Security and privacy problems​

Modern smartphones run on two operating systems: iOS and Android.

Is iOS private and safe?​


iOS is a closed operating system that guarantees complete security and confidentiality of their users. But is it really true? In fact, iOS is no different with Windows. For example, the Siri voice assistant uses the received data not only to process the request - the information is transmitted to the Google system. Theoretically, requests received by Siri are watched by third parties companies.

It is well known that, apple provides access to customer data to it's partners who record the screen and use the received information for their own purposes!
Also, It's difficult to find an effective ad blocker for the iPhone. The Safari browser has it's ad blocker, but it is not perfect. Also, the proprietary browser had a bug before, through which someone get all data on the device.

What bout Android OS?


This is an open-type operating system which can be used after you reflash a mobile gadget and install a "clean" firmware, such as
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, without malicious codes and hidden pre-installed applications (Gapps) that can send data from a smartphone to a developer.

Don't forget that any processor of any mobile device works in combination with ARM TrustZone Technology. It's launch the Secure OS software, which has unhindered access to the entire system. You cannot disable this software and today it's not possible to find out the full range of it's functions.