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The resource is publicly available to all registered users and operates in compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The resource administration does not control and cannot be responsible for the information posted by users on the portal. There are no technical solutions in the information system of the site and its software that automatically censor and control user actions on the use of the site.
According to the legal position of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation, expressed in the decision of the Presidium of 23.12. 2008 N 10962/08, the provider is not responsible for the transmitted information, if he does not initiate its transmission, selects the recipient of the information, affects the integrity of the transmitted information.
The administration of the resource has a sharply negative attitude towards copyright infringement on the territory of Therefore, the Administration of the resource takes preventive measures to suppress copyright infringement using the services provided with the help of the resource, provided for by a public agreement concluded by it with the users of the resource. Therefore, if you are the owner of exclusive property rights, including:
  • exclusive right to reproduce;
  • exclusive right to distribute;
  • exclusive right to public display;
  • exclusive right to communicate to the public
and your rights are violated in one way or another using this resource, we ask you to immediately notify the complaint handling service by letter (electronic) using this form. Your message will be considered without fail; You will receive a message about the results of the actions taken regarding the alleged violation of exclusive rights. Upon receipt of your message with correctly and fully filled data. The complaint will be considered within a period not exceeding 3 (three) business days. In accordance with the current norms of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the administration is ready to consider controversial issues within the framework of the pre-trial (claim or other) settlement procedure.

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ATTENTION! We do not control the actions of users who may re-post links to information that is the subject of your exclusive right. Any information on the site is posted by the user independently, without any control on anyone's part, which corresponds to the generally accepted world practice of posting information on the Internet. However, in any case, we will consider all your correctly formulated requests regarding links to information that violates your rights.


1. A direct link to our forum page where your product is published. And also indicate which links should be removed.​
2. Documentary confirmation of your rights to the material that is protected by copyright (Scanned document with a seal, or other information that allows you to be identified as the copyright holder)​
3. Send a letter from the domain of the copyright holder company, preferably from the one indicated on the seller.
All of the above rights are valid on the territory of the Russian Federation, all issues related to the payment of remuneration to the authors of the work are settled by the Copyright Holder, the Copyright Holder is not aware of the claims of third parties in relation to these rights.
In the event of claims against the resource by third parties related to the violation of their rights (including consumer rights) in relation to the removed/blocked link <LINK>, the Copyright Holder takes all necessary measures to resolve the claims, as well as possible disputes, including litigation.
The copyright holder undertakes to settle the claims, claims, or lawsuits of third parties, as well as fully reimburse the resource for expenses and losses (including lost profits, legal fees, etc.) associated with compensation for claims, claims, lawsuits of third parties on the fact of violation of their rights, as well as other claims related to illegal or erroneous blocking or removal of a link at the request of the Copyright Holder.
If the material is not removed within 48 hours after the request, please write again to the backup address, the letter may have been lost among other letters. We remove any material without problems if it violates your rights.