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List of the 9 most common mistakes​

Broken links

It is necessary to regularly check the resource for broken links, because broken links can negatively affect to the reputation of your web site.
To detect such links, it is necessary to audit the site.

Key phrases overspam​

Don't use too many texts. Keywords must be well chosen, several keys (up to five) for one article. In addition to high-frequency requests, also use medium and low-frequency requests.

Content copypast​


You can’t just take good text from another site and place it on your page. Search engines quickly identify stolen content and block the "thief".

Missing meta tag <title>​

Meta tag title - this is the first thing a user will see in search results. The website's conversion depends on the accuracy of the title and used keywords. The title must have three characteristics: be interesting, catchy, and match the content of the content on the link. Focus mainly on mid-frequency (MF) and high-frequency (HF) requests.

<meta name="title" content="Business forum, make money online"/>

Recommendations for writing the title​

- Always start the title with the main request of the page​
- Don't overspam the title with keywords (use maximum 2-3 keywords)​
- Use a different title for each page​
- Title length must be between 50 and 70 characters​
(it can be longer - just some part of it will be cut off by the search engine)​

Missing meta tag <description>​

This is a short description of the page, which consists a several keywords. If it's missing or contains errors, you may have problems with web site's ranging.

<meta name="description" content="The meaning of BUSINESS is a usually commercial or mercantile activity engaged in as a means of livelihood : trade, line. How to use business in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of Business.">

Recommendations for writing a page description tag​

- Use keywords in the description, but not too much​
- Description must be unique for each page​
- The most important information must be at the beginning of the meta tag​
- Recommended length is 70 - 160 characters​

Heading <h1> without keyword​

The first level heading must contain a key, same key as the title has. But tags should not be duplicated, this is important!
Heading levels should increase one by one. If possible, create an H1-H2-H3 structure on each page.

Images missing <alt> attribute​

<img height="200px" width="100%" src="/av/proxy-image" alt="<b>Google</b> rolls out new features across Maps, Search and Shopping ..." loading="eager" data-testid="test-image" aria-hidden="false">

This attribute helps users who search through images.

The website's reputation and indexing depends on what kind of resources link to your site. If this resources have good reputation (trust), this will also have a positive effect on your site. But if donors are bad, the effect will be negative.

Bad website's optimization​

If your web site takes a long time to load, it's position in the search results will deteriorate. You can increase the loading time of the site if you optimize the site's images, reduce the size of resources, scripts, CSS (styles).
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