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Set up own VPN with using OpenVPN client software

You will need a server with bandwidth 200 Mbps and pre-installed Ubuntu 20.04 or later.

1. Connect to your server:
ssh root@ip

2. Install git:
apt install git

3. Install OpenVPN:
git clone
cd openvpn-install/
chmod +x ./

If you did everything correctly, the installation menu should open:
Install openvpn1

4. Select the TPC protocol, skip the second part and select AdGuard as the DNS server, then run the installation.

5. After installation, disable logging:
apt remove rsyslog

6. Install
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on your computer or smartphone.

7. Connect to your server via SFTP protocol using FileZilla, Bitvise SSH or any other program.
Find the configuration file at /root/openconfig.ovpn, then download and upload it to your OpenVPN client.

Install openvpn2

The client will automatically connect to your VPN server:

Install openvpn3