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Tiered link building is a strategy that allows you safely build links, get traffic from trusted and well-moderated websites and also use black hat SEO techniques.

Multi tiered link

The key of this method is that you post links to pages that link to your site.
First level links (TIER 1) link to your site, second level links (TIER 2) to a page with first level links (TIER 1), and third level links link to pages with second level links (TIER 2).

  • Traffic growth.
  • In some cases you can use black hat SEO techniques.
  • Multi-level link building allows you to receive traffic from secure, moderated sites.
  • The rick of falling under the Penguin filter from Google due to many links is much lower.
  • Multi-level links can help when TIER 1 is no longer enough for further growth in link positions.

In order for this work to bring the desired results, the entire future link mass must be carefully considered, calculated and planned.
This is not really fast and exciting process, but it brings results within one month after indexing the links.
In some cases, traffic increase within a few days after adding links to the Google index, and traffic will continue to increase every day.
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