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Review of Top Email Services​

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research, the global email client landscape was predominantly led by Apple and Gmail. Apple emerged as the frontrunner, capturing 58% of the market, signifying its usage by more than half of all email users internationally. Trailing behind, yet substantial in its reach, was Gmail, securing a market share of 28.78%, symbolizing its usage by slightly more than a quarter of email users across the globe. Combined, Apple and Gmail constituted an overwhelming 86.78% of the global email client market. In the third position stood Microsoft's Outlook, appealing to 4.2% of email users. Yahoo! Mail and Google Android were also notable, holding market shares of 2.74% and 1.56% respectively. appeared in the sixth spot, claiming a 0.6% slice of the market.

Email Client Usage Statistics​

The diagram below illustrates the distribution of market shares among the leading email clients as of August 2023:


  • Apple: 58.00%
  • Gmail: 28.78%
  • Outlook: 4.20%
  • Yahoo! Mail: 2.74%
  • Google Android: 1.56%
  • 0.60%
  • Others: 4.12%
This pie chart provides a visual representation of the market dominance of Apple and Gmail, jointly representing a substantial majority of the email client usage globally.

Most Used Email Clients Worldwide
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