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What is meta tag description​

The description meta tag is used to describe the page. Usually, its content is displayed in the search under the page title, thus it affects the generation of the snippet. A well-written page description helps to attract new users to the site.

Description meta tag in html code:
    <meta name="description" content="Write your text here" />

If there is no meta tag on the page, then the search engine will display the first available text on the page instead.

Recommendations for using the meta description​

  • The meta description must be unique on each page and not be duplicated at anywhere else. Otherwise, it will be difficult for search engines to determine the difference between the two pages. It is better to completely remove the description meta tag from the page than to use a duplicate.
  • The meta description must be different from the <title>.
  • The optimal length of the meta description is from 70 to 160 characters.
  • Use keywords (no more than 3-4) in the page meta description.
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