SEO Link Building For SEO: how to add links to an article

Link building

  • Your link should not mislead users.
  • Place your articles only on traffic resources.
  • Your article should be interesting for potential user.
  • The text should be neutral or positive, negative emotions can negatively affect the weight of the link.
  • The link should be located at the beginning of the article, thereby increasing the likelihood of it's discovery and clicking on it.
  • The anchor of the link should be related to the title of the donor's article and its title, and your article should be relevant to the subject of the donor site.
  • Do not buy more than 20-30 links per month if your domain is less than one year old. There are no special restrictions for old domains, but better don't buy too many links for one time. Remember that it's not the quantity that matters, but the quality.
  • Using a large number of outgoing links is highly discouraged. For credibility, you can additionally link to other sites to better disclose the subject of your article. It is not recommended to use 2-3 links to your site in each article.
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