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Keitaro TDS​

Keitaro is a universal tracker for traffic arbitration and CPA marketing. Traffic targeting, campaign efficiency improvement, flexible reports, and bot protection are among its key features.


Official License: Paid
Activation Key: Not required / Activated (fix null)
Rights Holder:

What is Keitaro TDS 8.3.6 Pro used for:

  1. Traffic Arbitration:
    • Collect all advertising traffic and distribute it to suitable offers, considering user characteristics such as country, city, device type, and mobile operator.
  2. Traffic Monetization:
    • Connect a small code to the site and be able to redirect a certain part of the audience to special offers or display popup ads.
  3. Banner Rotator:
    • Set up banner display through Keitaro TDS and configure banner display for each audience segment.

Software Requirements:

  • Web Server: Apache (Nginx with PHP-FPM is recommended)
  • Database: MySQL 5.1+ (MariaDB is recommended)
  • PHP Version: PHP 5.6+ (PHP 7+ is not supported!)
  • Loader: IonCube Loader 5+
PHP Extensions:
  • php_iconv
  • php_curl
  • php_zip
  • php_hash
  • mbstring
  • zlib
Download geo-bases

Download keitaro:
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