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Basic factors​

Reduce bounce rates​

Bounce (bounce) - this metric evaluates content satisfaction and determines those users who left the site shortly after visiting.
Google Analytics considers a session as a bounce if the user viewed only one page of the website.

Optimize pages for the right queries​

The number of bounces will noticeably increase if the pages of the site do not match the search queries of users, thereby misleading them.

Work on <title>​

All headings should contain keywords and be interesting for users.

Include content title in URLs​

Keywords from the site page must be displayed in URL instead of characters and numbers.

Adapt your site design to mobile devices​

The site must be optimized for all kinds of devices.

Make simple, convenient and understandable design​

Improve the usability of the site by creating a convenient navigation menu, tagging and search system.

Reduce site loading speed​

Since if the pages of the site take a long time to load, few people will wait.
To increase the download speed, remove unnecessary scripts and css code, enable gzip compression in the server settings.
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