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General rules - apply to all resources of the Underground Forum project

1. Lifetime blocking is issued for:
  • Requests to drop the material in private messages or merge the link to the cloud storage.
  • Any advertising or publication of links in a chat or forum to resources of a similar subject.
  • Draining materials to third-party resources, as well as their any distribution.
  • Registration of new accounts during the ban of the main and multiple registration in general.
  • Transfer of the account to third parties. One person - one account.
  • Spam on the forum, spam in private messages to forum users.
  • Advertising of dubious sites/projects/services.
2. Rules for designing topics:
  • Adhere to the rules of theme design as much as possible.
  • Use the site search before posting.
  • It is forbidden to publish links to your resources (if they are of similar subject matter).
3. Also prohibited:
  • Flud and flame.
  • Insults and threats against participants, including obscenity and obscene language.
  • Incorrect behavior towards the administration and moderators of the site. Discussion of the actions of moderators and administrators of the forum.
  • Purchasing enhanced access through a joint purchase or transfer of an account to another person.
  • When placing a referral link in the topic, a direct link must be present without fail (it must be clearly visible). However, if the message does not contain useful information (the main purpose of creating a message is to post a referral link), then such a message can be deleted, and its author will be given a block for 1 month.
  • Sell or buy information about credit cards and other types of electronic payments. And also to give announcements about any kind of programs (webmoney trojans, exploits, etc.) related to the topic of carding.
  • It is forbidden to advertise DDOS services. Sale of DDOS-bots and services.
  • It is forbidden to re-upload material in the topic if the old link is working.
  • It is forbidden to publish materials/manuals/cases with links to exchangers with payment for downloads, temporary storage of files and other download restrictions.
  • It is forbidden to post links to material without a Hyde.
  • The sale of information products is prohibited. If you are offered to pay for the material by transferring to an electronic wallet, then this is a fraud, and this person is a scammer. The administration is not responsible for such cases.
  • It is forbidden to sell / forge documents and everything that contributes to this (scans, forms, etc.).
  • It is forbidden to publish and create any topics related to carding and account hacking.
  • It is forbidden to discuss blocking, as well as violation of other users. If you find a violation of the rules by one of the forum users, then inform the administrator in a personal.
  • 4. Rules for signatures:
  • It is forbidden to use more than 200 characters without a spoiler in the signature.
  • Warnings and other penalties for violating the rules of paragraph 3.
  • The first violation - blocking from 1 day to 1 month, depending on the violation.
  • The second violation is a permanent ban.
5. Refund Policy:
  • Funds are not returned in case of violation of the rules described above or their regular violation (more than 2 times).
  • No refund if you use a paid upgrade or unlock at least 1 content.
  • Funds are not returned if you did not like the material.

Refunds are processed within 1-2 business days.
For returns, please contact the administrator.
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