Domains with vulnerability in SPF



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Base of domains with vulnerability in SPF (v = spf1 +all).

Data units: 57,790
Validation date: 2021

SPF (Sender Policy Framework), the full name can be translated as "Sender Policy Framework for Email Domain Authorization" is a protocol by which an email domain can indicate which Internet hosts are authorized to use that domain in the SMTP HELO and MAIL FROM commands.

The SPF record defines one or more mechanisms, and that mechanism determines which IP addresses are allowed and which are denied.

These mechanisms include the following categories:
all | ip4 | ip6 | a | mx | ptr | exists | include

Each mechanism can have four prefixes:

"-" Fail (reject)
"~" Soft Fail
"?" Neutral (Neutral)

Therefore, +all allows any ip to connect and use those domains as SMTP HELO or MAIL FROM.

Download domain list:
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So good!