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The Spam Complaint Rate is the percentage of users who have reported emails as spam out of the total number of delivered emails.

Exceeding the threshold of 0.50% can result in the blocking of IP addresses and sending domains by email providers and public blacklists.

It's disheartening when subscribers no longer wish to receive emails, but it's even worse when they mark them as spam. Complaints often arise when there is no visible unsubscribe link in the email or if you have hidden it. People should always have a choice, and if they dislike your emails, give them the option to leave.

How to reduce spam complaints:
  1. Include a noticeable unsubscribe link in your email.
  2. Stick to the promised frequency of emails during the subscription.
  3. Remind the subscriber that they voluntarily joined the mailing list.
  4. Avoid content similarities with spam. Avoid writing in all caps, using excessive exclamation marks and minimize the use of emojis.
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Actually as far as i tested, content similarities is ok for sending emails. I know that anyone talks about spintax and etc, but as always everything is about ratings of your email content as template, for example you're working on email campaign and have only 1 design for it, spintax WILL NOT make it better for deliverability, you have to have 2 or 3 designs for your company because spam filter bots always parse your email as HTML firstly